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A podcast exploring multi-sensory immersive reality

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The Intrepid X

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Scott Byrnes was nothing approaching a virtual reality expert; that is until he had the opportunity to work on a feature length script—focused on bleeding edge immersive reality technologies—with one of the top producers in Hollywood. 


Over the course of writing that script, which would later be packaged as a streaming television series, Scott researched the immersive reality space extensively.  He was astounded by what he discovered.  Immersive reality technologies were far more advanced than he could have ever predicted. 


Inspired by what he learned, he decided to share the story of these amazing technologies, and the innovative people behind them, with the world.  The Intrepid X podcast was born.



How close are we to enjoying immersive experiences that rival reality?  After listening to this very approachable and entertaining eight-episode podcast, you will have the answer to that question. 



And when Episode 9 drops, you may just get your ticket to ride!

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